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Final communiqué of the first meeting of the council of the association of senates, Shoora and Equivalent councils in Africa and Arab World.

The members of the association have the pleasure to comply the gentel invitation of the Shoora Council in the Republic of Yemen and of the Arab cultural capital.
In order to continue and to achieve the aims of the association members for supporting and ordering the bilateral parliamentary system, and for applying the main system as well as the internal system of the association due to its council, the secretariat and to complete building the administrative and financial systematic structure, and to make meeting of association’s specialized committees and figures, the members of the association comply the invitation adherence to the decision of the first conference of the association.
The following are the names of seventeen councils; all are members in the association:

- Algeria
- Kingdom of Bah rain
- The Federal Republic of Ethiopia
- Republic of Burundi
- Arab Republic of Egypt
- Gabon
- Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan
- The Republic of Madagascar
- Mouritania
- Kingdom of Marocco
- The Republic of Namibia
- The Federal Republic of Nigeria
- Sultanate of Oman
- Kingdom of Saudia Arabia
- The State of Qatar
- Kingdom of Swaziland
- Republic of Yemen

The president of Shoora Council, the chairman of the association Mr., Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani has opened the works of meeting by a speech in which he welcomed all the members of the association and transmits the greetings of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his best wishes during their meeting.
Chiefs of Jordanian, Algerian and Bahrainian delegations had also delivered speeches.

After a short break, the meeting resumed its works by reading the agenda, which has been issued. Then they knowledge the quiddity of the general balancing and administrative structure for secretariat of the new year 2005.

After the interposition of the members, the council decided to form special committees for studying members’ requests about their nominations of the secretary general, deputy secretary-generals and the balancing of the association, and to form third committee for the final formulation of the meeting.
In the second session of the meeting the chairman had listen to the drafted committees reports.
After long discussions, the chairman toke the following decisions and recommendations:

-To present thanks and gratitude to President Ali Abdullah Saleh for his comprehensive care of meeting . And to present congratulate his Excellency and Yemeni people for Yemen revaluation days to thank and congratulate. Yemeni Shoora council for inaugurating this meeting in its new head quarters and for all the arrangements that lead to make this meeting successful.

- -The meeting ratifies the association balancing project of the financial year 2005, of a total sum of 10,000 USD Ten Thousand US Dollars minimum from each country member.

- the association council ratify the systematic structure of the secretariat according to what attached with this statement
- Unanimously the council ratifies to nominate Mr.,Livinius Osuji as a secretary general
As it ratify the following:
Mr.,Sydna Ali Weld Hanan as deputy of secretary general for African Affairs
Mr., Mohamed Mohamed AAl-Tayib as deputy of secretary general for the Arab Affairs.

The agreement of the association council to determine the shares of members in the annual balancing for the secretariat of the association based on……………
- the council ratify the request of the second meeting agenda of the association which will hold in the capital of Namibia next year
- The council ratify that the speech of the association chief and the meeting chairman Mr., Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani is consider as one of the official documents among those of the council as will as all the other speech which delivered in the opening session of the meeting by the chiefs of the delegations.
- The council assure its confirming to all the issues that come in its announcements in the first final statement of the association, specially regarding the following:
The international cooperation for fasting the peace project in the globe and to stop all the kinds of ravaging buildings and stopping bleeding blood. With concerning to the issue of supporting people in making their fate is the international basic aim for making peace and finishing all the occupation figures. The hope of fasting the avocation of the occupation force to form Iraqi land and to give the authority to people of Iraqi order to lead himself by himself. It ask the world to continue the efforts for achieving the evacuation of Israeli force from the occupied Arab lands in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. The association still criticize the aggression attach and killing people which practicing by Israeli force in the Palestinians land and who create difficulties in the way of peace project, safety and stabilization in the muddle east. It also refuses all the decision of the international legitimacy.

The association council all the international supporting efforts to achieve peaceful solution for this conflict in African area. As it supports all the Sudan efforts for making fast solution for the problems in Darfor area. The council thanks the African Union for its efforts to solve this crisis.
The council of the association of Senates and Shoora and Equivalent councils in Africa and Arab world have the hope and confidence about the distinguished rule in the future for the association regarding serving and developing African and Arabian parliamentary works. They also great the commitment of practicing democracy, respecting human rights, spreading general freedom and protecting privet freedoms as a wise and good way of practicing authority and enlarging sharing rule as well as confirming the basics of rational rules and to enlarging fields of cooperation and achieving the exchange benefits from the living experience on the different economic, political, cultural and parliamentary fields.

At the final session Mr., Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani had delivered a speech in which he assured that (on session).

-The meeting had registered his thank and respects for the efforts of Shoora council regarding doing all the tasks that assign to him from the first conference of the association especially achieving the main orders of the secretariat and its headquarter and regarding their systems.

Issued in Sana`a – Republic of Yemen.